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Girls Talk about NOLIX 

Laura, a 38-year woman gave birth last year to her first child.  

She is in good shape. She used to run every day during the first two trimesters of the pregnancy. She feels perfect for a dignified and normal life but, since she gave birth, she cannot control her urinary loses and she has a wet sensation throughout the day which gives her a permanent discomfort and psychological feeling that everybody can notice. She is putting all the effort to keep the perfect hygiene to avoid infections, odours and itching. She has already tried different solutions for her condition but none of them provides her an integrate comprehensive solution. A little odour or a small injury may not sound like a big deal to other people, but these continuing circumstances can spiral from a minor inconvenience to potentially social effect. While considering other solutions like pads, they are not comfortable, need to be replaced every few hours, and she feels like she is having the period during the whole month. Nolix™ can give her the quality of life she needs to undertake all her daily activities. Nolix allows her to be dry, to have dry sensation, avoid odoursand moreover, it doesn’t cause any pain, bleeding or injuries. She can recover her normal life.

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