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providing you with smarter feminine care

Our Mission

GYNAMICS™ was founded with a mission to develop innovative products for women’s health.

Gynamics develops non-surgical vaginal solutions for women with various Pelvic Floor Disorders. 

Our products address unmet needs in the continuum of care, with an offering that includes a pelvic floor rehabilitation system, a urinary incontinence prevention device and a solution for pelvic organs prolapse.

All devices share the same core technology, compensating the physiological mechanism by providing support to the pelvic organs, only when and where needed.

Gynamics has a multidisciplinary core team, including experts in medical device development, regulation, manufacturing and IoT.

Our advisory board includes experts in gynecology and urogynecology.

Reduce the need for invasive medical treatment

Encourage women

to live better

Make women feel more comfortable with their bodies

Increase engagement between care giver and patient

Promote remote

health care


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Gynamics Women's Health Ltd
45 Derech Hatzmaut St
Israel 3303323

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